CoolFire Heat Pump Series - Overview



CoolFire™ air to water heat pumps are an excellent alternative to Geothermal systems, offering similar or greater energy savings, without the added installation and drilling cost. With the best COP performance in its class, backed with high quality components, each CoolFire™ unit delivers solid performance year-round; heating during the winter and cooling during the summer.

  • Lowering energy cost
  • Heating & cooling
  • Domestic hot water
  • Lowering consumption
  • Lowering greenhouse gases
  • Waste heat recovery


As more and more communities develop and implement green energy strategies, noise pollution has become a greater environmental concern. The CoolFire™ series operates at 45 to 55 dB – making it one of the quietest in the industry. Now, when the unit is running, you’ll be able to enjoy your neighbors’ company with peace of mind as well as meeting stringent noise bylaws found in many communities.



What does COP really mean? A COP rating of 4.5 in the simplest form means that for every $1 you spend on your domestic hot water as well as heating & cooling your building, you receive upwards of $4.50 of energy. In optimum conditions that’s a direct saving of 50% to 70% on your energy costs!